Natural materials

Responsibility for people and nature is important to us. That is why we rely on high-quality, ecological materials and renewable raw materials when creating + VIOS shoes. With good conscience. Without having to worry.rfit +VIOS set store by materials that preserve resources and the environment and that meet our high quality standards. superfit +VIOS shoes are designed with a clear conscience and no compromises. Of particular importance are the materials, their origins and how they are processed. Wherever possible, we use renewable raw materials, naturally always observing our high standards of quality. In this context, we are careful to only work with partners who comply with our strict requirements regarding contaminant contents as well as production conditions.

Leather & lining

superfit +VIOS leather is chrome-free, i.e. tanned using vegetable tanning agents. All leather is thus completely free from heavy metals. Natural tanning has many further advantages. Thanks to the gentle processing of the leather, the material remains fully breathable. Since no colouring agents are added to the lining leather, the colour of the leather is derived from natural tannins, such as mimosa bark.

For our winter collections, we are using warm lambskin lining. The lambskins used are vegetable tanned and are therefore free from heavy metals, as well as being especially soft and breathable. The keeping of the animals is of utmost importance. We will not accept any kind of indoor stable systems.

Shoelaces & soles

Along with the upper and lining leather, our shoelaces are also produced from natural raw materials. In collaboration with TencelTM, we use shoelaces made from wood pulp fibres, which are 100% biologically degradable. These TencelTM shoelaces are produced in a particularly sustainable, ecological manner and are especially skin-friendly.

Our soles are constructed in accordance with the AGO technique. They are manufactured in Germany and consist of a mix of natural rubber, cork, silicic acid, oil, beeswax and carnauba wax.

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